Chris Kawagiwa Illustration

Space Cats, Circus Acrobats, Art Nouveau Robots. Findthem all here!

What's all this then?

Illustration art inspired by space exploration, robots, communication (cultural & animal), all wrapped under a Circus tent. Find unique pieces that explore modern pop-culture and the influences of bygone eras. Fortune awaits!

Thanks for sending me "The Sunless Circus." I enjoyed it. I'll keep your letter and the comicbook [...] Excelsior!

Stan Lee
Comics Legend


Chris Kawagiwa


Starting in 2006 with just a handful of prints, Chris Kawagiwa Illustration started at local art shows to expand to the comic convention circuit across California. You can find these prints and more exclusives at live events from Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, WonderCon, SDCC, Long Beach Comic Con, and many more. Each print includes many an easter egg for keen-eyed fans to find. Enjoy!